Dokkalfar Magic

The Dokkalfar? Blast! Let's bring them down.

Crooked Shotel

Given by
Chapter XXIII: The Ljosalfar

The Ljosalfar, light elves of the bright sun, flourished after the falling. So much so, that they banished the storied Dokkalfar to the underworld.

750 orns

Chapter XXIV: The Dokkalfar

The mighty Dokkalfar were once a proud race of elves.

Unfortunately, their distaste of the sun attributed to their loss to the Ljosalfar.

They are now banished to the underworld. Not a soul has seen them since.

1000 orns

Chapter XXV: The Elven Lords

To shift the power that the Ljosalfar and Dokkalfar hold, one must defeat their mighty lords.

Though finding them may prove difficult.

2000 orns

Balor vs Annwn

My friend! Annwn and Balor are at war! I've journeyed to this land to make rid of the awful kings. Fight with me!

Annwn Rapier

Given by
Chapter XXVI: The Army of Balor

Balor truly seems to have flourished after the falling.

Some say they may have attributed to it.

Annwn, the kingdom of majestics, has vowed to stop them. Will you help them in their quest?

2500 orns

Chapter XXVII: Balor

The King himself has entered this wasteland.

5000 orns

Chapter XXVIII: Fallen Gods

Ithra, Thor, Vulcan, and Demeter. These four great lords founded the factions of today, but all have succumbed to the falling.

Putting an end to their suffering will be instrumental in restoring peace to this land.

10000 orns

Band of Gods

Chapter XXIX: Mammon

As the gods of old fell, each uttered the name of Mammon.

Born of humankind's sins and hubris, Mammon undoubtedly brought the Falling upon this world, bringing a realization of all fears, myths, and fables that humankind believed so clever.

5000 orns

Mammon's Sword

A Symbol of Royalty

I haven't much use for this anymore. Bring me the crowns of fallen kings and I may just hand it over.

Old Nothren Crown

Given by