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Chapter XV: Of Dragons

Alas, the dragons can be seen.

These dragons - children of the Great Dragons, roam the land in search of unprepared warriors.

Defeat them to send a message.

250 orns

EXP Potion

Chapter XVI: Reapers of Ankou

These Repears, the soldiers of Ankou, take their pray only in the night.

Lord Ankou was once a noble of Balor, but was exiled due to his taste for the truly occult.

Defeat his army to weaken his unholy reign.

300 orns

Ring of Sacrifice

Chapter XVII: The Eyes of Ra

Gazers are said to be of Ra, the great seer of a desert land.

Defeat one to send a message.

50000 gold

400 orns


A Hunt of Heads

I've been hunting Cerberus for quite some time. Alas, not an arrow has been loosed.

EXP Potion

Given by
A Hunt of Heads II

Orthus is our target, and these arrows shant miss.


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Slayer of Artifice


Artifice Gada

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Chapter XVIII: Return of the Draconians

It seems not all Draconians were made alike.

The elite High Draconians were designed in both man and dragon's image by the mighty wyvern Tiamat.

500 orns

Chapter XIX: Hound of Balor

The mighty Cerberus, gatekeeper of Balor. This hound is no friend of man.

500 orns

Demonic Ore

Chapter XX: The Great Witch

Not a soul really knows where Carman came from.

She traveled to this land with her three sons, animating an army of statues along the way.

The truest of warriors have never lasted an encounter with her and her vile spells.

500 orns

Affinity Candle

The Arisen

It seems the darkest days are upon us. Defeated beasts of rule are returning from the soil, and must be stopped!

Horus's Robe

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