Chapter X: King of Lizarr

The Lizarr are ruthless beasts of the sea, some even say they were a failed experiment of the great dragons.

200 orns

Affinity Candle

Chapter XI: The Pharaoh

The Lost Pharaohs are decrepit beings of an age infinitely older than that of this one

10000 gold

200 orns

EXP Potion

A Candle Like No Other

Flame. Give me flame.


Given by
A Rocky Past

Earthstones are essential for securing the Legion's power. Would you happen to have any to spare?


A Snowy Day

I am always in need of Waterstones. Do you have any to spare?

Boreal's Staff

A Windy Day

The Stormforce is looking for Lightningstones. Would you happen to have any to spare?

Gale's Spear

Chapter XII: The Fomorians

The Fomorians were once a great, flourishing race of pale-skinned warriors and mages.

But as Balor rose, they were overridden, forced to fight for Balor and abandon their homeland.

Defeat them to weaken Balor's forces.

200 orns

Attack Tonic

Chapter XIII: The Undead Giant

Oh, the Undead Golem, tyrant of the restless dead.

Some say it is constructed of the unbreakable bones of fallen warriors.

250 orns

Undead Bone

Chapter XIV: Carmen's Pet

You've heard rumours of the great witch, Carman; one who can make you feel ill with just a thought.

She leads a reanimated army of statues, gargoyles, and the forest.

25000 gold

300 orns

Broken Statue

A Tome of Knowledge

A've been in needing of a Great Monster Tome

EXP Potion

Given by
Lost and Found

A student o' mine seems t'have misplaced their hat. 'Ave you happen'd to 'ave seen't?


Given by
Nolan's Hues

Red, blue, green, yellow. 'Ave ya seen them all?

Nolan's Staff

Given by