A Handsome Trade

I need a lucky coin for my collection. I have plenty of silver coins to offer.

Lucky Silver Coin

Given by

Carl's Revenge

Bandits are on the loose! Defeat 10 of them to keep the world safe.

Carl's Ring

Given by

Hermes' Revenge

That bandit lord stole by wares! Won't you avenge me?

Hermes' Coin Purse

Given by

Iron Carl

I need iron to craft a new sword.

Carl's Dagger

Given by

Chapter : The Blacksmiths

Blacksmiths still practice their craft in this world, and will be vital to your survival. Find a blacksmith and upgrade a piece of your equipment.

100 orns

Fine Whetstone

Chapter I: 993 DCE

It has been 11 years since the Falling corrupted this world.

Monsters and beasts of myths, stories, and legends rose from the ground to lay waste to all.

And so you start your journey forth.

50 orns

Canon Waystone

Chapter II: Goblins

Slimes seem easy enough to vanquish, but they are the least of your problems.

It seems the stronger you get, the more powerful the foes around you.

50 orns

Canon Waystone

Chapter III: Magic

These beasts also know of our magic.

But how? How have they learned our secrets?

50 orns


Chapter IV: Lord of the Bandits

Bandits and barbarians still roam the land, pillaging both human and beastkind alike.

Defeating their lords should make rid of them.

1000 gold

100 orns

Thieve's Ring

Chapter V: Lord of Goblins

The goblin Lord is perhaps more dangerous than any lord of bandits.

1000 gold

100 orns


A Soul's Worth

I need souls for a spell I am working on. Could you find me some?

EXP Potion

Given by
Eye for an Eye

Those pesky Evil Eyes are everywhere! Please help me make rid of them.

Beatrice's Staff

Given by