Flamewalker Pyre ★4

Pyre is quite the infamous Inferno Knight. He fights the fallen monsters alone out of immense pride.

Or maybe its because his acquaintances just can't handle his energy.


★4 A Candle Like No Other

Frost Mage Boreal ★4

Boreal is a noble mage of the Frozenguard, and her magical prowess is hard to match.


★4 A Snowy Day

Legionnaire Boulder ★4

Boulder maintains one of the highest ranks of the Earthen Legion. His diplomacy has prevented the Inferno Knights and the Frozenguard from laying waste to this land, perhaps far more so than the falling itself.


★4 A Rocky Past

Storm Knight Gale ★4

Gale, the mighty Storm Knight, was one of the few to establish the Stormforce.

However, she oft strays from her posts.

Some say her hope is fleeting every day.


★4 A Windy Day