Cade ★5

Cade, the famed inventor of Avalon, was well renowned for the esoteric gadgets he produced.

But his inventions were of naught a use after the falling.

Perhaps he can make something new.


★5 Things
★5 Stuff

Master Nolan ★5

Nolan, the master gnome.

Few have heard his name, even fewer have seen his might.


★5 A Tome of Knowledge
★5 Lost and Found
★5 Nolan's Hues

Knight Artifice ★6

Knights Artifice and Finesse journeyed to this land when Avalon fell to Balor. What Artifice lacks in finesse, he makes up for in cunning performances.


★6 Slayer of Artifice

Rouge ★6

The Crimson Archer, Rouge, is quite shrouded in mystery. Her loosed arrow never misses a mark. Some say she was a thief of Avalon, others say a Knight of Balor.


★6 A Hunt of Heads
★6 A Hunt of Heads II

Horus ★7

From the skies, Horus has observed the aftermath of the falling for what seems like ages.

As the Arisen rise, hope is fleeting.

Can we really end this?


★7 The Arisen

Sir Balin ★7

From Avalon comes the Knight with Two Swords. After the falling, Sir Balin lost his dear brother to the dragons. He forever fights for revenge.


★7 Tiamat
★7 Typhon

Enid of Annwn ★8

Enid followed Gwyn to this land when Balor took reign.

As a great testament to her talents, he's never noticed.


★8 A Hunt for a Hen

Knight Finesse ★8

Knights Artifice and Finesse journeyed to his land when Avalon fell to Balor.

Finesse is highly regarded as a true blademaster. Some say he carries a dozen swords at a time. Some say swords materialize in his hands, with just a thought.


★8 Dokkalfar Forces
★8 Dokkalfar Knights
★8 Dokkalfar Lords
★8 Dokkalfar Magic

Gwyn ★9

Gwyn is the former King of Annwn. He gave the throne to return to the battlefield when Balor flourished after the falling. His swordplay may only be matched by the talented Knight Finesse.


★9 Balor vs Annwn

Borr ★10

Borr, the former king of the Nothren, still roams this land in search of mighty trinkets.


★10 A Symbol of Royalty