A small piece of silver ore. Useful for crafting and upgrading weapons or armor.

All classes
Acolyte Hood
Acolyte Robe
Acolyte Shoes
Acolyte Staff
Alpha Myrddin Cloak
Alpha Myrddin Cowl
Alpha Myrddin Hood
Alpha Myrddin Robe
Arcane Arrows
Arcane Boots
Arcane Hat
Arcane Robe
Arcane Wand
Arisen Imagination
Arisen Surtr's Boots
Arisen Surtr's Cuirass
Arisen Surtr's Helmet
Ashen Phoenician Boots
Ashen Phoenician Cowl
Ashen Phoenician Cuirass
Ashen Phoenician Garb
Ashen Phoenician Greaves
Ashen Phoenician Helmet
Ashen Phoenician Hood
Ashen Phoenician Robe
Ashen Phoenician Shield
Ashen Phoenician Shoes
Balor Robe
Beta Myrddin Cloak
Beta Myrddin Cowl
Beta Myrddin Hood
Beta Myrddin Robe
Bow of Diana
Chimera Stacatto
Cockatrice Mail
Count's Garment
Count's Hood
Court Jester's Outfit
Dalan's Hood
Delta Myrddin Cloak
Delta Myrddin Cowl
Delta Myrddin Hood
Delta Myrddin Robe
Ebon North Star
Ebon Top Hat
Elite Balor Robe
Elite Fomorian Armor
Elite Fomorian Boots
Elite Fomorian Cowl
Elite Fomorian Hood
Elite Fomorian Leggings
Elite Fomorian Robe
Excalibur [mimic]
Fey Arrows
Fey Dragon Armor
Fey Dragon Boots
Fey Dragon Chestmail
Fey Dragon Cowl
Fey Dragon Helmet
Fey Dragon Hood
Fey Dragon Leggings
Fey Dragon Mage's Boots
Fey Dragon Robe
Fey Yeti Coat
Final Horseman's Armor
Final Horseman's Boots
Final Horseman's Cloak
Final Horseman's Hood
Final Horseman's Scythe
First Horseman's Armor
First Horseman's Boots
First Horseman's Cloak
First Horseman's Hood
First Horseman's Spear
Fjalar Mantle
Fomorian Armor
Fomorian Boots
Fomorian Garb
Fomorian Hood
Fomorian Leggings
Fomorian Robe
Gamma Myrddin Cloak
Gamma Myrddin Cowl
Gamma Myrddin Hood
Gamma Myrddin Robe
Great Phoenician Boots
Great Phoenician Cowl
Great Phoenician Cuirass
Great Phoenician Garb
Great Phoenician Greaves
Great Phoenician Helmet
Great Phoenician Hood
Great Phoenician Robe
Great Phoenician Shield
Great Phoenician Shoes
Hel's Garb
Heretic's Robe
High Fomorian Armor
High Fomorian Boots
High Fomorian Cowl
High Fomorian Garb
High Fomorian Hood
High Fomorian Leggings
High Fomorian Robe
High Phoenician Boots
High Phoenician Cowl
High Phoenician Cuirass
High Phoenician Garb
High Phoenician Greaves
High Phoenician Helmet
High Phoenician Hood
High Phoenician Shield
High Phoenician Shoes
Horus's Robe
Jester's Outfit
Omega Myrddin Cloak
Omega Myrddin Cowl
Omega Myrddin Hood
Omega Myrddin Robe
Phoenician Boots
Phoenician Cowl
Phoenician Cuirass
Phoenician Garb
Phoenician Greaves
Phoenician Helmet
Phoenician Hood
Phoenician Robe
Phoenician Shield
Phoenician Shoes
Royal Boots
Royal Chestplate
Royal Dagger
Royal Hood
Royal Longbow
Royal Shield
Runic Boots
Runic Hat
Runic Robe
Sala's Hood
Second Horseman's Armor
Second Horseman's Boots
Second Horseman's Cloak
Second Horseman's Hood
Second Horseman's Staff
Silver Crossbow
Silver Dagger
Silver Kris
Spirit of the Wood
Succubus Mantle
Surtr's Boots
Surtr's Cuirass
Surtr's Helmet
Third Horseman's Armor
Third Horseman's Boots
Third Horseman's Cloak
Third Horseman's Gada
Third Horseman's Hood
Top Hat
Vulcan Boots
Vulcan Buckler
Vulcan Cuirass
Vulcan Helmet
Yeti Mightycoat
Zeta Myrddin Cloak
Zeta Myrddin Cowl
Zeta Myrddin Hood
Zeta Myrddin Robe