Last modified: Aug. 25, 2020, 11:42 p.m.

Updated for Game Version 2.5.9

The arena can be accessed from the main menu. Upon tapping the icon, you will be presented with two options: Arena and Mirror.

When you enter an Arena battle, you will be at full health and mana. Your character will not reflect any damage taken or mana spent when the battle is complete. This makes Arena possible without a need to heal before or after. You will not be able to Run or use Items. The opponents you fight in the arena are actual players in the game, controlled by the game’s AI. You will always attack first. When your opponent is defeated or defeats you, the battle is over. You receive EXP, orns, items and gold for winning the battle. Gold rewards are tied to your opponent’s level while item rewards are tied to your own.

Mirror battles are battles against your own character in its current state. The only reward is one experience. Its main use is to test out the effectiveness of your Arena loadout.