Last modified: Aug. 25, 2020, 11:48 p.m.

Updated for Game Version 2.5.9

Dukedoms are divisions of land across the Orna overworld, each with a unique name. Dukedoms can be owned (through exploration or control), give income, grant stat bonuses, and also have a rotating weather cycle. The icon in the upper right of the overworld displays the name, duke, and guardian of the area. To access the area menu, tap the icon.


Control is the PvP portion of dukedom ownership. One person owns the dukedom and collects income as long as it isn’t taken by another player. For another player to take control, they must fight against an AI controlled version of the owner’s character. If the battle is won, the dukedom is taken. If lost, the duke’s health is set to their health at the end of the battle for subsequent challenges. After being challenged, one must wait an hour before re-challenging a duke. The AI duke takes the player’s current pets and stats (affected by passive charge and such), and uses equipment from one’s arena loadout. There are two main modifiers to the power of the AI character which affect its stats; ghosting and influence. Ghosting occurs after some time of the duke being absent from the area: Duke influence is determined by how many of the surrounding areas are owned by the duke.

When a player has a dukedom under their control, they will collect the income listed on the control tab of the territory page as long as a player (any player) has passed through recently. It is delivered with the daily rewards screen.

The duke of a territory is displayed behind the guardian on the area menu icon in the upper right corner of the overworld. If no one owns it, a blue crest (Unclaimed Icon) will be displayed and it can be taken freely.


Exporation is the PvE component of dukedoms. A guardian - mob selected through weighted RNG - must be defeated to have explored a territory. As with control, income will be distributed through the daily rewards screen if the area has been passed through by a player recently. Unlike Control, however, any number of players can own a territory through exploration and receive the income rewards it gives.

Guardians can be any mob, though certain mobs are more common than others. Non-boss mobs are locked to the highest level available to them (with some exceptions). Certain bosses have higher HP than their world or gauntlet counterpart. Furthermore, mobs give double rewards (exp/orns/gold/item chance) compared to their world counterpart. While their HP is not kept through attacks if one fails at defeating them, there is no cooldown for trying, so one can repeatedly challenge them until they win through RNG.

Other Notes

The monsters tab of the area menu simply displays the monsters and bosses currently in that dukedom. Spawns are not limited to those monsters.

One can access a list of areas they own and their rewards through the world hub (character menu > globe icon).

If a dukedom is taken, the usurper’s name, dukedom name, and approximate direction is given in notifications with a button to mark it with a compass pointer.

If a player has privacy mode enabled, [class] of [faction] will be displayed instead of their name for notifications, area menu, and in battle.

One can rename a dukedom for the price of 100k orns if owned.

A 5% stat boost is given if playing in an owned dukedom. This is replaced with a 10% boost if it is a player’s origin town.

A player’s origin town can be changed once every seven days.

A player’s origin town always appears to belong to them, even though it may appear this way for other players or contribute to influence.