Markers are specific objects of note that you may encounter in your travels while playing. There are several different types of markers, each possessing specific benefits. Once collected, the Marker will disappear from your map, unlike Buildings. It is currently unknown if markers respawn in the same position, or if they are always random.

Note on Shrines: There are multiple types of shrines, each granting buffs to the player for a variable length of time. If you already have a shrine you cannot collect another until the one you have expires. The buff from a shrine stacks with similar buffs from useable items, like EXP potions.

Note on Sword in the Stone: There are a few speculated requirements to pull each individual Sword in the Stone, such as full Health and Mana, character level, and class.

Image Name Effect
Shrine of Luck Shrine of Luck Increases Gold and Orn drop rate
Shrine of Wisdom Shrine of Wisdom Doubles EXP
Sword in Stone Sword in the Stone If able to pull, receive a high quality item
Fountain Fountain of Life Fully recover Health and Mana
Chest Chest Receive random item
Shrub Shrub Receive small amount of Gold or Orns
Tree Tree Receive the material Wood
Stone Stone Receive the material Stone
Bone Bone Receive the material Bone
Materials Materials Receive a random material