Last modified: Jan. 31, 2021, 5:01 p.m.

Updated for Game Version 2.5.9

There are many buildings to be found exploring, and a limited number can be built by players. Open the Dukedom menu in the upper right-hand corner of the main screen and select “Build”, then select the type of building you wish to build. Currently, only the Blacksmith, Shops, Bestiaries, Keeps, and Outposts can be built by players. Built shops, bestiaries, blacksmiths and jewellers have the option to be hidden from other players by its builder by checking a box in the building’s options menu.

When built, a building will spawn randomly within the player’s view and can be moved to any other spot on the screen where another building does not exist. It will be named [Player Current Name]’s [Building]. If you change your name, the building will keep the name you had when you built it. Most buildings can be upgraded for gold, with exceptions noted below.

Upgrading Buildings

Shops, Bestiaries, and Keeps can be upgraded for gold and all follow this pricing model. To upgrade a building, open it and select the Information tab.

Level Cost
2 100,000 Gold
3 200,000 Gold
4 300,000 Gold
5 400,000 Gold
6 500,000 Gold
7 600,000 Gold
8 700,000 Gold
9 800,000 Gold
10 900,000 Gold
Total 4,500,000 Gold



Shops allow you to buy and sell items. They rotate a random stock of items, some of which become available as you level up and discover new gear. It is possible for shops to run out of limited stock items. A player can build a level 1 shop for 2,500 Orn and 25 wood, and upgrade it with gold.

You do not receive a commission from other player’s purchases. Leveling a shop expands its inventory, allows higher tier items to be sold and refreshes its inventory. Naturally generated shops are less likely to have higher tier items. Every shop sells Small Health and Mana potions, torches and, once you’re the right tier, Large Health and Mana potions by default. Otherwise, any tier gear, items, or materials can be found. Some items can be found in stock but are unavailable to buy if they are a higher tier than you are.



A Blacksmith upgrades gear for players. Upgrading costs different amounts of gear-specific materials, Orn, gold, and time based on its level. Upgrading an item increases its level and stats. Higher quality items cost more to upgrade. Each level after the first costs more to upgrade and gives a smaller bonus. Players can build a Blacksmith for 10,000 Orn, 50 wood, and 25 stone, and it cannot be upgraded.

Upgrading your Gear

Level Time Material
2 1 hour 3
3 2 hours 6
4 3 hours 9
5 5 hours 12
6 12 hours 15
7 1 day 18
8 1 day 21
9 2 days 24
10 3 days 27
Total 191 hours 135



The Bestiary allows the player to purchase followers which assist the player in various ways. Followers come in different tiers, have different abilities and some are rarer than others. They must be purchased with orns and are replaced when you buy a new pet[1]. Players can find Bestiaries while exploring or build a level 1 Bestiary for 5,000 Orn, 100 wood, and 25 hides. Spawned Bestiaries only have pets up to Tier 3. The only way to acquire followers above Tier 3 is to build your own bestiary and level it past level 3. Each level up refreshes the bestiary, displaying a new list of followers for purchase.

[1] If a Player purchases a Keep, they can store their purchased pets there instead of losing them.

Inn & Tavern

The Inn is a unique building in Orna. They can only be found in the wild and offer jobs, tips for nearby places of interests and HP/MP restoration. The Jobs tab allows the player to accept various jobs similar to that of daily quests and rewards are gold, experience and various items/adornments. The Inn refills HP and Mana at a cost of 10 gold per missing point. The Tavern tab offers tips for nearby bosses and shrines at a cost of 1,000 gold per “tip”.


The Dungeon (renamed to Gauntlet within the player menu), at the cost of a gauntlet key, allows the player to battle a series of opponents - some from the world, some unique to the gauntlet. Floor counts and enemy tiers vary based on the dungeon tier, which can be modified via a drop-down menu up to the player’s tier[1]. Upon completion, orns and randomly generated items/adornments are awarded with a chance for any completed story/NPC quest item.

For five gauntlet keys “Hard Mode”, “Boss Mode” or “Endless mode” can be enabled rather than the standard gauntlet. Hard Mode disables the use of items but improves rewards - in Boss Mode all enemies encountered will be bosses - Endless has no floor limit, but enemy difficulty and rewards increase drastically as progress is made. For 25 keys either Hard+Boss or Hard+Endless may be activated but Boss+Endless cannot.

[1] Endless Mode cannot have its tier modified. It is always equal to the players current tier.



The jeweler sells adornments and allows the player to adorn any items which have available slots for a gold cost based on the ite’s tier, level and quality. Adorning an item as it levels up is the most gold-efficient way to fully adorn an item. A jeweler can be built for 50,000 orns, 100 wood and 100 stone.


The Alchemist is a unique building in Orna that can only be found in the wild. It can imbue a weapon with fire, water, lightning or earthen costing associated elemental stones as well as gold. Elements can also be removed for a minor gold cost. These two features only work on weapons that do not have a pre-determined element assigned to them (ex: Deathbringer is always dark and thus cannot have its element changed or removed). Items can also be at an Alchemist as of version 1.78.0.

Additionally, an item at level 10 can undergo “Masterforging” at the Alchemist which functions as an 11th level plus a small bonus to stats. Masterforged items have the maximum adornment slots for that item type regardless of base quality (1 more than an ornate would). Masterforging an item takes considerably more materials than a standard upgrade, yet is instant.


Similar in appearance and function to the Alchemist. Weapons can be imbued with dragon, holy and dark costing dragonite, lightstone and darkstone respectively alongside gold. A masterforged item may be upgraded to “Demonforged” at the Demonologist for a further stat bonus. Like masterforging, demonforging requires a large amount of materials though the upgrade is instant.


The Arcanist, similar in appearance to the Alchemist, can be found rarely around the world. A number of different, exclusive spells can be bought at this establishment in exchange for gold. However, spells above the player’s level tier will appear as unavailable. The stock refreshes every few days, rotating the spells for sale.



Keeps allow players to store their gold, followers and items. It also provides a buff to increase monster spawns and view distance via lighting the keep’s brazier or allows you to use a scouthawk - highlighting points of interests using your compass much like tips in an Inn. They cost 10,000 Orn, 100 stone, and 100 wood to build, which allows you to store 1 pet, and each subsequent level adds one more pet slot. You may only build a keep in your origin town, and only the player that purchased the Keep can access it. Keeps also give 1% of the stored gold and 100 Orn every 24 hours added to your Daily Income.

Level Cost Slots Storage
1 10,000 Orn (Purchase) 1 100,000 Gold
2 100,000 Gold 2 200,000 Gold
3 200,000 Gold 3 300,000 Gold
4 300,000 Gold 4 400,000 Gold
5 400,000 Gold 5 500,000 Gold
6 500,000 Gold 6 600,000 Gold
7 600,000 Gold 7 700,000 Gold
8 700,000 Gold 8 800,000 Gold
9 800,000 Gold 9 900,000 Gold
10 900,000 Gold 10 1,000,000 Gold
Total 4,500,000


The Outpost is a building that acts as an extension of the keep. It may be built anywhere to access the Keep’s follower and item storage when away from the player’s hometown.


A very rare shop which can be found inthe wild. It may sell rarer materials, items and items with varying quality but has a chance to change positions upon refreshing.