Last modified: Aug. 25, 2020, 11:03 p.m.

Updated for Game Version 2.5.9

While exploring Orna, you can form a party of 6 travelers and share experience while in a party together. In order to start a party, go to the Area menu, then to the Traveler tab, and tap the portrait of the player you want to invite and tap Invite. You can only party with players in the same area as you, but your party remains intact even if you travel apart. If the other player leaves the party, you will need to leave your party of one to start a new party. While in the same area, you and your party share a Party Bonus buff to monster spawn rate and a 10% bonus to all stats, and you are visible on each other’s maps when you are nearby.

Exp is not shared if there is a > 25 level gap between members of a party.

Party members share experience gained from fights. When any party member completes a fight with a monster, experience will be distributed based on the following formula:

Party Exp = (Base Exp / # of party members) + (Base Exp / 10)

In other words, each party member will gain an even split of the experience plus 10% of the original base experience. 2 party members share 60% (50% + 10%) each of a monster kill. 3 party members share 43.3% (33.3% + 10%) of each monster kill. Gold, orn, and items are not shared.

You may lose the Party Bonus from traveling too far away from each other, but will continue to gain EXP.