Last modified: March 13, 2020, 8:14 p.m.

OrnaBot Instructions

OrnaBot has 4 different modules currently:

  • Prefix
  • Assess
  • GuideAPI
  • Wars


This provides a way to set a different prefix for the bot to recognize commands, just in case another bot uses the same. The default prefix is %. Anyone with the Administrator permission can set the prefix using %prefix. For example to change it to @ you would type %prefix @.


This provides the auto-assess functionality by using Tesseract OCR to find characters in the image and make sense of them. Training has been attempted to make Tesseract recognize the characters better, but it ended up being worse than the default somehow. :) Still, for the most part it will be able to recognize most in-game screenshots.

Anyone with the Administrator permission can set a channel to be watched for attachments using the %autoassess command. Add as many channels as wanted to the command and it will look for every channel mention and add or remove the channel to the watch list.

For example, adding the #ask-ornabot channel would be done with the command %autoassess #ask-ornabot. Removing a channel follows the same format. Any channel saved will be removed if mentioned in the command again.


This module provides the interface with Orna.Guide’s API to lookup information. There is a general lookup command, and then an exact lookup command. Use the exact lookup if multiple items match the general lookup.

Commands are: %class, %classe, %item, %iteme, %monster, %monstere, %pet, %pete, %skill, %skille, %spec, %spece.


The Wars module provides a way to manually track your kingdoms war status. Anyone with the Administrator permission can turn the war module on or off using %war on and %war off; set the war announce channel using %war announce #war-channel; set the kingdom monarch using %war monarch @user; set the officier role using %war officer @officer-role; set the soldier role using %war soldier @soldier-role. The monarch can also change the monarch user using the same command.

Officers and above can set the end time for a war using %war ends ##h ##m. This starts a war adding the monarch, all officer role members, and all soldier role members to the war status. Officers and above can check the full status using %war status, or you can see who is left to do their battle with %war todo. If a member marked their battle done but actually has not, or mistakenly did so, or a member joined the server after a war has started but is in the war, an officer can reset their status using %war reset @user. If a war time was entered incorrectly, it can be reset using %war adjust ##h ##m.

Soldiers and above can mark their battle done with %war done, or if they were not matched for the war they can use %war bye. Offciers and above have the ability to mark other members as done or bye by adding their name, %war done @user.

OrnaBot will announce every halftime how much time is remaining, and tag all members who have not had their battle marked done or bye. The halftimes are with how much time is remaining in the war, starting with 12 hours, then 6 hours, 3 hours, 1.5 hours, 45 minutes, 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes. If no one is left, then no one is tagged, but the message is still announced.

Other Information

OrnaBot only requires two permissions: Send Messages and Embed Links. You will need to explicitly give it read permission for a channel if that channel has restricted read permissions.

A %help command is available that lists all the commands the requesting user has access to.

If there are any questions or problems with the bot, feel free to contact Veratil in the Orna RPG Discord.

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