Updated for August 2019 event raid boss(es)

Raids are a chance to fight a powerful boss available only to players in Kingdoms. They can be completed by any number of kingdom members fighting the boss. Whoever participates in the raid is given a reward of XP, Orns, Gold, items (tonics, potions, gauntlet keys), and boss-specific gear. The more damage done by an individual, the better the reward they receive when the raid has ended.

How to start a raid

Under the raid tab in your Kingdom, tap “Start raid” beneath the raid boss you wish to challenge. Only the King and their officers can initiate a raid. Raids cost kingdom orn - which can only be earned through wars. The specific amount for each raid is a base plus 10 orn per member. Any number of raids can be started and fought simultaneously: tap the arrows on either side of the screen under the raid tab to view the different raid bosses available.


Once a raid is started any member of the kingdom is allowed to enter the raid. When the player dies or defeats the boss, whatever damage they have done will show when a new player enters. If more than one player enters at the same time, they will not see the damage done by any other players until they die. Once a player dies in a raid, they must wait at least 60 minutes before they can reenter the raid. Once the raid boss has been defeated, all players who participated in the raid are given rewards based on the damage they have done. There is a raid report which is visible once a raid boss is defeated, there it will show how much damage each member did to said raid boss and who defeated it.

Raid Bosses

Each raid boss is unlocked when a Kingdom reaches a certain level. Levels are gained by winning Kingdom wars.

Name Kingdom Level Tier Level Event? Max HP
Dracon 1 ★★★ 75 X306,250
Fomor 1 ★4 100 X 400,000
Kerboros of Ice 2 ★6 150 Rise of Kerboros Unknown
Starlord 2 ★5 125 X Unknown
The Fool unknown ★5 125 unknown Unknown
Ingenious Cade 2 ★5 125 Unknown 987,500
Cerus unknown ★5 125 Unknown Unknown
Naggeneen 2 ★7 175 Mischievous Naggeneen Unknown
Titan 3 ★6 150 X 2,300,000
Balor Elite 4 ★7 175 X 2,675,000
Fallen Knight Vulcan 2 ★8 200 Heat Wave 5,550,000
Fallen King Arthus 5 ★8 200 X 4,860,000
Almighty Balin 3 ★8 200 Unknown Unknown
Fallen Merlin 3 ★8 200 Merlin 8,050,000
Apollyon 10 ★9 250 X 9,425,000