Last modified: Aug. 23, 2020, 9:14 a.m.

Updated for Game Version 2.5.9

Raids are a method of fighting extremely powerful boss-type enemies. There are permanent kingdom raids, event limited kingdom raids and world raids. Anyone who participates in the raid is rewarded with XP, Orns, Gold and items. Dealing more damage improves the number of rewards recieved once the raid is defeated. Rewards are given via a list a short while after the boss is defeated but there is a minor slayer bonus.

How to Start a Raid

Under the raid tab in your Kingdom, tap “Start Raid” beneath the raid boss you wish to challenge. Only the King and their officers can initiate a raid. Raids cost kingdom orns which are earned through wars and gauntlets. Any number of raids can be started and fought simultaneously: tap the arrows on either side of the screen under the raid tab to view the different raid bosses available. Permanent kingdom raids cost a base value plus 10 additional orns per member and rotating event raids (NOTE: May contain some non-raid enemies. See a complete list below.) cost a base value plus 20 addition orns per member.

World Raids can be encountered in the wild at random or, more often, summoned via a summoning scroll. A summoning scroll will summon a random raid from within the World Raid boss pool .


Upon starting or encountering a raid, any nearby member or kingdom member may enter the battle and fight the boss. During the raid you may see other players fighting the boss alongside you and their damage dealt. The raid’s current health and maximum health will be displayed at the top of the screen and damage dealt in the current session may be seen at the top left. You can dismiss the skills used box at the top by tapping on it.

A raid will become progressively harder as damage is dealt to it within one session. Stats increase by 2% per 1% of the raid’s max health dealt in one “session” of a fight. Stats are reset upon leaving the fight whether by dying or fleeing. If a player dies or flees they must wait 60 minutes before challenging the raid again. Raids feature powerful attacks colloquially known as an “Ultimate” which deal large amounts of damage often with numerous side effects and are intended to end fights. You can live through these via dodging them, absorbing it with ward, lowering their attack or magic via forbid or rebuke respectively or having high defensive stats to mitigate the damage directly.

A Kingdom’s king or officer may choose to set a “Raid Limit” to any kingdom raid. These limits set a maximum amount of damage that can be dealt in one session as a percentage of the raid’s max health. Upon hitting a limit the boss will recieve zero damage and instantly kill you with the defeat message stating “Damage Limit Reached”. Raid Limits are per attempt and each damage limit can be “capped” multiple times by waiting for the 60 minute cooldown to pass.

Kingdom Raids

Kingdom raid bosses are unlocked after reaching a certain level and costs kingdom orns to summon. There is one kingdom raid per tier each with varying kingdom level requirements, boss tiers and kingdom orn costs. All information can be found in the table below along with a link to each raid’s guide page where a full drop list can be found.

Name Kingdom Level Tier Level Base Cost
Dracon 1 ★3 75 500
Fomor 1 ★4 100 500
Starlord 2 ★5 125 1,000
Titan 3 ★6 150 1,500
Balor Elite 4 ★7 175 2,000
Fallen King Arthus 5 ★8 200 2,500
Apollyon 10 ★9 250 5,000
The Morrigan 20 ★10 275 10,000

Event Raids

Event raid bosses are often part of a month-long event. There tends to be one or two event raids per month[1] with items relevant to many tiers of the game. Kingdom levels are required for these as well, but the requirements are much lower. Most events will be available from kingdom level 3 and above.

[1] May does not have any event raids but rather two bosses available in the world and gauntlets.

Name Month Tier Level Event Base Cost
Phoenix January ★8 225 Rise of the Phoenix
Kerberos of Ice February ★8 225 Rise of Kerberos
Naggeneen March ★7 200 Mischievous Naggeneen
Cerus April ★7 200 Cerus the Untamed 2,000
The Fool (2019)
The Fool (2020)
April 1st ★5
Fool of April
Ingenious Cade
Almighty Balin
June ★5
Memories of Avalon
Arisen Surtr
July ★5
Heat Wave 2,000
Fallen Merlin
Arisen Merlin
August ★6
Merlin 3,000
Arisen Naggeneen September ★7 200 Mischievous Naggeneen 2,500
Pumpkinhead October ★8 225 The Hallowed 3,000
King of Ljosalfar November ★5 150 Day & Night 2,000
Ebon Scruug
December ★5
A Year's End 1,000

World Raids

World raid bosses can be rarely encountered in the wild but are mainly summoned via summoning scrolls. These enemies tend to have better XP, orn and gold rewards than kingdom raids alongside exclusive items. World raids also give a few items from the mimic loot pool. A month’s event raid may be temporarily added to the world raid pool for the duration of the event.

Name Tier Level
Fey Gazer ★6 175
Fey Dragon ★7 200
First Horseman ★7 200
Fey Cockatrice ★8 225
Second Horseman ★8 225
Fey Yeti ★9 250
Third Horseman ★9 250
Ashen Phoenix ★10 275
Fey Chimera ★10 275
Final Horseman ★10 275