Last modified: March 13, 2020, 8:14 p.m.

Updated for Game Version 1.69.0

Kingdoms are essentially guilds, wherein up to 50 people can be part of the same guild. YOU MUST BE THE SAME FACTION TO BE IN THE SAME KINGDOM.

Choosing a Kingdom

When you click on the Kingdoms menu in the main menu, you will be prompted to either Create A Kingdom or Join a Kingdom.

Creating a Kingdom will allow the player to create a kingdom, where in he or she will be the King or Queen of that Kingdom. Then other players can join the newly created Kingdom by clicking Join a Kingdom and finding the name of the Kingdom on the list. When creating a Kingdom, you can choose the name of the Kingdom and a brief description of your Kingdom.

If you click Join a Kingdom, you will be given a list of the Kingdoms that are available for you to join. Remember, you can only join Kingdoms that are the SAME FACTION as you. You are able to change factions whenever you want for a small fee of 99 cents. If you are a member of a Kingdom you cannot change your faction. You must leave the Kingdom first.

Picture Function
![Hall]({: .d-flex .mx-auto .mb-3 height="500"} This is the main menu for the Kingdom Menu. Across the top you will see: Hall, Roster, War, Raids, and Options. Under where it shows the kingdom hall it lists your total gold and orns for the kingdom. Gold is earned when a member of the kingdom fights a monster or boss. A portion of the gold is given to the kingdom. Orn is earned from Kingdom wars, and you can then spend those orns to start Kingdom Raids to fight powerful bosses. On the Hall screen it will show your Kingdom Level, which is determined by the number of wars your kingdom has won. Every 5 wins your kingdom will level by one. The Next number is your power which reflects the total number of levels earned by members of your Kingdom members. For example, if you had a Kingdom with 50 people and everyone was level 100, you power would be 5000(50 x 100). The next number is influence which is the total number of dukedoms owned by all the members of your Kingdom. For example, if you had 10 members who owned 100 dukedoms, you total influence would be 1000(10x100) The next number is rank. This is your current rank on the leader board. The next number is the Kingdom's member count. Up to 50 people can join a Kingdom. The Last number it the amount of wars your kingdom has won.
![Roster]({: .d-flex .mx-auto .mb-3 height="500"} The members page show the name, level, class, subclass, and "rank" of the members of the Kingdom. The current ranks are King/Queen, Officer, and Soldier. King/Queen denotes the founder of the Kingdom.
![War]({: .d-flex .mx-auto .mb-3 height="500"} War allows you kingdom to battle players from rival kingdoms. A Kingdom war lasts 24 hours. This screen will show the match-ups for the current Kingdom war.
![Raids]({: .d-flex .mx-auto .mb-3 height="500"} Raids allow you and the rest of your kingdom to battle powerful bosses together for large ammounts of exp and a chance at rare items.
![Options]({: .d-flex .mx-auto .mb-3 height="500"} Under options you can either leave the Kingdom or destroy the Kingdom(only if you created it).

Kingdom Wars

Starting a War

In the “War” section you will be prompted to long press to begin a new Kingdom War. Each war costs Kingdom gold. If you are involved in a war, you cannot start a new one. Wars can be started by the King or Officers of the Kingdom. A War lasts 24 hours.


Once you start the war, you will need to wait a while for matchmaking to happen. Once the rival Kingdom is selected, the War begins. Each player in the kingdom is matched up with some one from the rival kingdom. Each player gets one battle against the other kingdom’s player controlled by the AI. For example, Kingdom Soldier A fights Kingdom Soldier B. A will fight B(AI controlled), but B will also fight A(also AI controlled).Quite often both players will win their battle, making both of them victorious. The battle is exactly the same as the battle for dukedom control or an arena battle.

Winning the War

Whichever Kingdom has the most total wins, will win the War. If the Kingdoms have the same number of wins then the match ends in a stalemate. A win will give your kingdom gold, orn, and a victory. A stalemate brings nothing. Once the War is won, you can immediately start a new War.

If all the members of both Kingdoms finish their battles BEFORE the 24 hours has expired, then the War will end. This means having active members in BOTH Kingdoms is beneficial.


Matchmaking put two kingdoms together that are within 1000 power of each other. When both kingdoms are searching for a battle they will be matched together.

Kingdom Raids

All raids cost orns to start. There are currently 7 raid bosses you can raid against as a kingdom, there are also special seasonal bosses that have been added monthly so far. Check out the raid guide for more details on all of those. Raid bosses give some of the best gear for their tier though and can help increase the strength of a kingdoms members. they also give large pools of exp when defeated.