Updated for Game Version 1.69.0

There are four factions in Orna. You may pick a faction once you reach level 10. Choosing a faction will add that faction’s background and name to your character portrait across all menus. You will receive a 10-20% boost to damage done with and take reduced damage from the corresponding faction’s element-type skills. Once a faction is chosen, you may only join kingdoms that share your faction. Factions can be changed by quitting your kingdom and purchasing the option from the store for $1.

Name Element Specialization Class Unique Spell Background
Earthen Legion
The oldest known faction of this land.
A large group of vanguards that have sworn to maintain balance for ages.
Earth Legionnaire Heal Images Pending
A relatively new faction of warriors that harness the power of the sky.
Lightning Storm Knight Shock Stormforce
Knights of Inferno
Knights who have fought long and hard against the demons soldiers of Balor.
Fire Scorcher Burn Knights of Inferno
A formidable battalion that have served as Sentries against Draconian Invaders.
Water Frost Mage Freeze Frozenguard