"Orna is a classic-style RPG that augments your real world. Enjoy turn-based combat, collect and upgrade your weapons and armor, learn spells, fight bosses, and claim real world landmarks with your mobile phone, wherever you are. "

There are four factions in Orna. You may pick a faction once you reach level 10. Choosing a faction will add that faction's background and name to your character portrait across all menus. You will receive a 10-20% boost to damage done with and take reduced damage from the corresponding faction's element-type skills.

Name Element Specialization Class Unique Spell Background
Earthen Legion Earth Legionnaire Heal Earthen Legion
Stormforce Lightning Storm Knight Shock Stormforce
Knights of Inferno Fire Scorcher Burn Knights of Inferno
Frost Mage Water Frost Mage Freeze Frozenguard

While exploring Orna, you can form a party of 6 travelers and share experience while in a party together. In order to start a party, go to the Area menu, then to the Traveler tab, and tap the portrait of the player you want to invite and tap Invite. You can only party with players in the same dukedom as you, but your party remains intact even if you travel apart. If the other player leaves the party, you will need to leave your party of one to start a new party. While in the same dukedom, you and your party share a Party Bonus buff to monster spawn rate and a 10% bonus to all stats, and you are visible on each other's maps when you are nearby.

Party members share experience gained from fights. When any party member completes a fight with a monster, experience will be distributed based on the following formula:

Party Exp = (Base Exp / # of party members) + (Base Exp / 10)

In other words, each party member will gain an even split of the experience plus 10% of the original base experience. 2 party members share 60% (50% + 10%) each of a monster kill. 3 party members share 43.3% (33.3% + 10%) of each monster kill. Gold, orn, and items are not shared.

You may lose the Party Bonus from traveling too far away from each other, but will continue to gain EXP.

There are five types of buildings in Orna that can be found while exploring or purchased by a player in the Dukedom tab. Open the Dukedom menu and select "Build Here", and lastly select the type of building you wish to build. Inns/Taverns cannot be built at this time. Purchased shops can be accessed by other players, but can also be set as private under the Options menu. When purchased, a building will spawn randomly within the player's view and can be moved to any other spot on the screen where another building does not exist. It will be named [Player Name]'s [Building]. There is a limit to how many buildings can be placed within an area. Most buildings can be upgraded for gold.

Upgrading Builds

Shops, Bestiaries, and Keeps can be upgraded for gold and all follow this pricing model. To upgrade a shop, open it and select the Information tab.

Level Cost
2 100,000 Gold
3 200,000 Gold
4 300,000 Gold
5 400,000 Gold
6 500,000 Gold
7 600,000 Gold
8 700,000 Gold
9 800,000 Gold
10 900,000 Gold
Total 4,500,000 Gold



Shops allow you to buy and sell items. They rotate a random stock of items, some of which become available as you level up and discover new gear. It is possible for shops to run out of limited stock items. A player can purchase a level 1 shop for 10,000 Orn and upgrade it with gold.

You do not receive a commission from other player's purchases. The advantage of leveling a shop is an expanded inventory with higher tier items. Spawned shops are less likely to have higher tier items. Every shop sells Small HP and Mana potions and torches by default. When you have access to Large HP and Mana potions, those become available as well. Otherwise, any tier gear, items, or materials can be found. Some items can be found in stock but are unavailable to buy if they are a higher tier than you are.



A Blacksmith upgrades gear for players. Upgrading costs different amounts of gear-specific materials, Orn, gold, and time based on its level. Upgrading an item increases its level and stats. Higher quality items cost more to upgrade. Each level after the first costs more to upgrade and gives a smaller bonus. Players can purchase a Blacksmith for 10,000, 50 wood, and 25 stone, and it can not be upgraded.

Upgrading your Gear

Level Time Material
2 1 hour 3
3 2 hours 6
4 3 hours 9
5 6 hours 12
6 12 hours 15
7 1 day 18
8 1 day 21
9 2 days 24
10 3 days 27



The Bestiary sells pets which can passively aid you in battle. Pets come in different tiers and have different abilities. They must be purchased with Orn and are replaced when you buy a new pet. Players can find Bestiaries while exploring or purchase a level 1 Bestiary for 5,000 Orns,100 wood, and 25 hide. Spawned Bestiaries are less likely to stock high tier pets. The best way to find tier 5 pets is to level a purchased Bestiary to level 5 or higher.[1] If a Player purchases a Keep, they can store their purchased pets there instead of losing them.



Keeps are new buildings that allow players to store their gold and pets, and they also provide a daily buff to increase monster attraction via. lighting the keep's brazier. They cost 10,000 Orns, 100 stone, and 100 wood to purchase, which allows you to store 1 pet, and each subsequent level adds one more pet slot. You may only build a keep in your origin town, and only the player that purchased the Keep can access it. Keeps also give 1% of the stored gold and 100 orns every 24 hours as their daily reward.

Level Cost Slots Storage
1 10,000 Orn (Purchase) 1 100,000 Gold
2 100,000 Orn 2 200,000 Gold
3 200,000 Gold 3 300,000 Gold
4 300,000 Gold 4 400,000 Gold
5 400,000 Gold 5 500,000 Gold
6 500,000 Gold 6 600,000 Gold
7 600,000 Gold 7 700,000 Gold
8 700,000 Gold 8 800,000 Gold
9 800,000 Gold 9 900,000 Gold
10 900,000 Gold 10 1,000,000 Gold
Total 4,500,000

Inn & Tavern

Inn & Tavern

The Inn/Tavern is a unique building in Orna. As of update 1.23.0, they can only be found in the wild. The Inn refills HP and Mana at a cost of 10 gold per missing point. The Tavern offers tips for nearby bosses and shrines at a cost of 1000 gold per "tip".

Markers are specific objects of note that you may encounter in your travels while playing. There are several different types of markers, each possessing specific benefits. Once collected, the Marker will disappear from your map, unlike Buildings. It is currently unknown if markers respawn in the same position, or if they are always random.

Note on Shrines: There are multiple types of shrines, each granting buffs to the player for a variable length of time. If you already have a shrine you cannot collect another until the one you have expires. The buff from a shrine stacks with similar buffs from useable items, like EXP potions.

Note on Sword in the Stone: There are a few speculated requirements to pull each individual Sword in the Stone, such as full Health and Mana, character level, and class.

Image Name Effect
Shrine of Luck Shrine of Luck Increases Gold and Orn drop rate
Shrine of Wisdom Shrine of Wisdom Doubles EXP
Sword in Stone Sword in the Stone If able to pull, receive a high quality item
Fountain Fountain of Life Fully recover Health and Mana
Chest Chest Receive random item
Shrub Shrub Receive small amount of Gold or Orns
Tree Tree Receive the material Wood
Stone Stone Receive the material Stone
Bone Bone Receive the material Bone

Dukedoms are areas of land across the Overworld that can be claimed by players. A player's reputation is increased by claiming a dukedom, which factors into rank.


Playing within a dukedom you control will grant you a buff that increases your stats by 5%. Playing within the dukedom set as your origin town will grant you a buff that increases your stats by 10%.

The duke collects a tax from traveler's battles that is added to the dukedom's weekly income and a portion of which is granted to the duke whenever night falls. The current location's dukedom's weekly income can be viewed from the Area menu.

How to Claim Dukedoms

If a dukedom has a blue crest Unclaimed Icon, it is unclaimed. A player can claim a dukedom by tapping its name and holding "Claim Area" in the Area menu. Sometimes it is possible to view and claim nearby dukedoms as well, if your current location is on the area border. If a dukedom is claimed, the controlling player's portrait replaces this blue crest. If you control the current dukedom, then your grayed out portrait will be in the upper right along with a shield icon.

Players can challenge other Dukes for their territory through PvP combat. As of 1.14.0, dukedoms have a set amount of health. If the challenger wins in one attempt, they immediately gain control of the dukedom. If the challenger loses, they must wait an hour before they can challenge again. This allows low-level players to whittle away high-level player's dukedoms over time. The health of a dukedom is refilled if the controlling duke visits their territory. There is currently no limit to the number of dukedoms players are allowed to control.

Losing Dukedoms

When another player challenges to claim a dukedom and wins, the previous Duke will be alerted of the player's name, the name of the dukedom, map coordinates, cardinal direction, and approximate distance from their current location. Dukedoms can be stolen back and forth indefinitely between players. A history of your lost dukedoms can be found in the message log.

Entering the Arena

In the bottom left-hand corner of the overworld screen you will see two crossing swords. If you click on this icon, it will search for opponents, and you will have the options of Leave or Battle. To engage battle, you must use an Arena Token (aquired from bosses, shops, arena battles) and have opponents available to battle. Opponents are usually slightly above or below you in rank. If you win the battle, rewards include EXP, gold, orns, and various items.

Battling in the Arena

When you enter an Arena battle, you will be at full health and mana. Your character will not reflect any damage taken or mana spent when the battle is complete. This makes Arena possible without a need to heal before or after. You will not be able to Run or use Items. The opponents you fight in the arena are actual players in the game, controlled by the game's AI. You will always attack first. When your opponent is defeated or defeats you, the battle is over. You receive EXP, Orn, and gold for winning the battle. Gold rewards are tied to you and your opponent's level.


Another way to enter PvP is to challenge players for control of their dukedom.


Update 1.32.0 October 4th, 2018
  • Added Pendants that grant status immunity
  • Added max amount of gold won in arena
  • Fixed an issue where clan wars did not contribute to the ranking as much
  • Added option to allow autoheal to consume more potions than may be needed
  • Adjusted the polymath achievement so it no longer requires purchasable classes
  • Misc tweaks and bug fixes


Update 1.31.0 September 30th, 2018
  • Raids, raid weapons, and equipment
  • Improvements to kingdom management
  • Kingdoms can no longer be destroyed while at war
  • Kingdoms now have a level
  • Tier 9(level cap increased to 225)
  • Bug fixes and improvements.


Update 1.30.0 September 24th, 2018
  • Kingdom Wars
  • New monsters and content
  • Misc tweaks and bugs fixes
Update 1.29.0 September 13th, 2018
  • Initial release of Kingdoms (guilds). Players can join and create kingdoms, then claim land and gold for it. More to come...
  • A few new monsters and a boss
  • Dex now accounts for chance to hit as well as chance to miss
Update 1.28.0 September 8th, 2018
  • Area income overhaul - controlled areas can now generate gold, orns, items, or materials over time (as they are visited)
  • Buildings now cost materials and are now constructed from the area UI
  • Gold in the keep now converts to daily income
  • Shrines can now be purchased from the shop
  • A faction reset can now be purchased from the shop
  • Damage indicators now use colour to identify element weaknesses/strengths
  • Other misc tweaks and bug fixes
Update 1.27.0 September 2nd, 2018
  • New subclass: the Berserker
  • Unstable magic now deals more damage, but can self damage/debuff
  • Bug fixes regarding GPS services and location detection
Update 1.26.1 August 23th, 2018
  • [Meta] Fixed issue where the player would not be notified of a new update
Update 1.26.0 August 23th, 2018
  • Arena overhaul
    • Battling in the arena no longer steals gold from opponents
    • Winning in the arena gives access to unique items, gear, and materials
    • The arena now requires use of tokens to battle (every player will be given 10 with this update)
  • Owned buildings can be moved/relocated
  • The skill menu now allows sorting
  • Full Bend and Dragonslayer now do more damage
Update 1.25.1 August 21st, 2018
  • Subclasses can now be changed
  • Added stat breakdown for subclasses
  • Slight balance adjustments to some spells
  • Bug fixes
Update 1.25.0 August 20th, 2018
  • Added character subclasses (must be level 100)
  • Removed compass option to address memory issues and softlocks
  • UI updates, including new character menu and effects
  • Autoheal can now be used by holding the quick item button
  • New spells and new mechanics for multi damage skills
  • Bug fixes
Update 1.24.0 August 11th, 2018
  • Tier 8 monsters and gear
  • Improved gear stat display in inventory and shop menus
Update 1.23.0 August 8th, 2018
  • New weapons and armor
  • Monsters will now seed at your tier more frequently
  • New building type: the Inn/Tavern
  • Misc bug fixes & improvements
Update 1.22.0 August 2nd, 2018
  • New boss, weapons, and content
  • Improved the area icon for areas in which you own
  • Added some new alternative sprites
  • Added resource gathering points to the map
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
Update 1.21.5 July 31st, 2018
  • Fixed some map projection & drifting issues
  • Other bug fixes
Update 1.21.4 July 30th, 2018
  • Addressed some sprite "drifting" issues on the map
  • Fixed the compass
  • Forced a cache bust on the map data (to prevent blank screens some players are experiencing)
Update 1.21.3 July 29th, 2018
  • Removed +/- counters from Keep dialogs
  • Fixed some map jankiness
Update 1.21.2 July 29th, 2018
  • Performance & battery usage: reduced accelerometer polling
  • Purchased sprites can now be used by specialized classes
  • Bug fixes
Update 1.21.1 July 29th, 2018
  • Fixed alpha level on some monster sprites
  • Fixed some map issues
Update 1.21.0 July 29th, 2018
  • Added purchasable sprite packs to customize your character's appearance
  • The map can now rotate with your device's compass
  • Added the ability to rename followers
  • Misc content, bug fixes, and improvements
Update 1.20.0 July 23rd, 2018
  • Orna is now available in areas of Europe, Australia/Oceania, and South America
  • Quick heal menu now only contains healing items and requires a long press
  • Dragoon's passive (now "Slayer") now scales stats with bosses defeated
  • Bug fixes & misc improvements
Update 1.19.2 July 19th, 2018
  • Fixed an issue where the UI may become unresponsive when claiming areas
Update 1.19.1 July 18th, 2018
  • Shrines now last longer
  • Equipment is now saved when switching classes
  • Bug fixes
Update 1.19.0 July 17th, 2018
  • New monsters and items
  • The keep now holds more gold
  • Shrines can no longer stack
  • UI improvements to counters and confirmation buttons
  • Misc bug fixes and changes
Update 1.18.0 July 11th, 2018
  • New bosses, items, and monsters
  • Added options to auto-dismantle monster drops
  • Berserk monsters now become non-berserk if not defeated for some time
  • Added an option to hide your shop from the public
  • Added a few sorting options to the inventory screen
  • New rewards
  • Misc bug fixes and improvements
  • Update 1.18.1 July 12th, 2018 Edit
  • Added -5/+5 buttons to quantity selectors
  • Fixed an issue where locked items would not show the (L) indicator
Update 1.17.1 July 7th, 2018
  • Fixed an issue when purchasing followers from bestiaries
Update 1.17.0 July 7th, 2018
  • New spells
  • Higher tier class adjustments & balancing
  • New sprites for some classes
  • Increased item sell limit to 100 items
  • Increased item buy limit to 1000 items
  • Improved some higher tier gear
  • Quality-of-life improvements
  • Misc bug fixes & improvements
Update 1.16.0 July 3rd, 2018
  • New bosses, items, spells, classes, and class sprites
  • Fixed the button swappiness while in battle
  • Buffs and debuffs are now displayed more clearly in battle
  • Added a "Traveler's pack" for new players (one time purchase)
  • Valkyrie/Paladin skill adjustments
  • Removed the ability to start battles with nearby travelers
  • Taking areas no longer steals gold
  • Bug fixes and misc improvements
Update 1.15.0 June 24th, 2018
  • New boss, monsters, and items
  • Elemental armor
  • Increased the party limit to 6 players
  • Battle menu adjustments: the last used skill is now saved
  • Guts and Auto have been removed and replaced with a "Defend" option
  • Small balance adjustments
  • Misc bug fixes and improvements
Update 1.14.0 June 17th, 2018
  • Dukes now have persistent HP, per area owned
  • New spell icons and fx
  • Elemental weapons now cause debuffs when using attack skills
  • Stronger location tampering detection + account flagging
  • Adjusted the visible range
  • Performance improvements
  • Origin towns can now be changed weekly
  • Misc bug fixes and improvements
Update 1.13.0 June 12th, 2018
  • Rebalanced upgraded item stats
  • Added new bosses
  • Added Monster Remains: A new item that spawns a boss in your area
  • Added more information about specialization classes
  • Gave the Warlock a beard
  • Added new equipment
  • Panacea now cures all status effects
  • The Earthen element can now break opponent defenses
  • Monsters now "walk" more often
  • Misc bug fixes and improvements
Update 1.12.0 June 9th, 2018
  • New monsters and items
  • New specialization class: the Warlock
  • Fixed an issue where the "Destroy" button showed for Blacksmiths you did not own (it didn't do anything though)
  • Adjusted the upgrade bonus and cost of boss weapons
  • New battle background for water based monsters
  • Fixed an issue where "Step" passives could appear to overflow HP/mana
  • Keeps can now hold more gold
  • Blacksmiths now show the stat bonuses of upgrades
  • Adjusted the area in which shops can be created
  • Misc UI tweaks and bug fixes
Update 1.11.1 June 5th, 2018
  • Added a secondary accessory slot
  • You can now destroy buildings you have built
  • Misc UI tweaks
  • Small balance and performance improvements
Update 1.11.0 June 2nd, 2018
  • The Keep: A new building type that allows players to store gold and followers
  • Added a leaderboard to show the top 100 players
  • Items can now be dismantled in bulk
  • Added an option to reduce game and battle animations
  • Added an option to change the menus to a "dark" mode
  • Added passive abilities to higher tier and faction classes
  • Building upgrades now cost gold
  • Non-magic abilities will now use the player's weapon element
  • Misc bug fixes and improvements
Update 1.10.0 May 28th, 2018
  • Added passive skills to most classes
  • Equipment/skills menu overhaul
  • Decreased the blacksmith's upgrade times
  • Balance improvements to melee classes
  • Added new monsters, items, and weapons
  • Added "Specialization" classes to the Orn shop: existing classes with different aesthetics and tweaked skill trees
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements
Update 1.9.1 May 27th, 2018
  • Re-balanced mage class HP
  • Slightly boosted warrior and thief class attack and magic defense stats
  • Fixed an issue where auto heal may use elixirs
  • Fixed an issue where the Orn shop's "Mysterious chest" may yield sub par items
  • Typos
Update 1.9.0 May 26th, 2018
  • Balance patch: decreased the damage potential of most spells
  • New building types + sprites: the Bestiary and the Blacksmith
  • Added an auto-heal option to the quick item menu
  • Improvements to the Arena matchmaking system
  • Party bonus: you will now receive a stat bonus when playing closely with your party
  • Orn shop improvements
  • Players can no longer run in the Arena
Update 1.8.0 May 22nd, 2018
  • Player genders and class streamlining to support them
  • Added an option to show monster levels on the map
  • Items can now be dismantled for a single material
  • Shrines and chests now appear more often
  • Prevented players from exploiting "The Traveler" reward
  • Other small improvements and bug fixes

In order to make you gear stronger, it need to be taken to the Blacksmith and forged into a stronger item. The Blacksmith requires gold, orn, materials, and time. Each time you take the gear to the Blacksmith it will get stronger. When the gear is ready you will get an in-game message that it is ready to pick up. Visit any blacksmith to pick up your gear again. Here is a chart of the time table for upgrading.

Level Time Materials
2 1 hr 3
3 2 hrs 6
4 3 hrs 9
5 6 hrs 12
6 12 hrs 15
7 1 day 18
8 1 day 21
9 2 days 24
10 3 days 27

Use the following link to figure out a pretty close estimate of what you gear will be at each level. Props to Vuso on the Discord for making this calculator.

Gear Upgrading Calculator

(From Orna Wikia) Kingdoms are a new feature added with update 1.29. Kingdoms are essentially guilds, wherein up to 50 people can be part of the same guild. YOU MUST BE THE SAME FACTION TO BE IN THE SAME GUILD.

Choosing a Kingdom

When you click on the Kingdoms menu in the main menu, you will be prompted to either Create A Kingdom or Join a Kingdom.

Creating a Kingdom will allow the player to create a kingdom, where in he or she will be the King or Queen of that Kingdom. Then other players can join the newly created Kingdom by clicking Join a Kingdom and finding the name of the Kingdom on the list. When creating a Kingdom, you can choose the name of the Kingdom and a brief description of your Kingdom.

If you click Join a Kingdom, you will be given a list of the Kingdoms that are available for you to join. Remember, you can only join Kingdoms that are the SAME FACTION as you. You are able to change factions whenever you want for a small fee of 99 cents. If you are a member of a Kingdom you cannot change your faction. You must leave the Kingdom first.

Picture Function


This is the main menu for the Kingdom Menu. Across the top you will see: Hall, Members, War, and Options. Across the top it lists your total gold and orns for the kingdom. Gold is earned when a member of the kingdom fights a mob or boss. A portion of the gold is given to the kingdom. Orn is earned from guild wars.

On the Hall screen it will show your power which reflects the total number of levels earned by members of your Kingdom members. For example, if you had a Kingdom with 50 people and everyone was level 100, you power would be 5000(50 x 100).

The next number is influence which is the total number of dukedoms owned by all the members of your Kingdom. For example, if you had 10 members who owned 100 dukedoms, you total influence would be 1000(10x100)

The next number is rank. This is your current rank on the leader board.

The last number is the Kingdom's member count. Up to 50 people can join a Kingdom.

On the bottom is a link to the Kingdom Leaderboard.

Members The members page show the name, level, class, subclass, and "rank" of the members of the Kingdom. The current ranks are King/Queen, Officer, and Soldier. No information is known about Officer or Soldier. King/Queen denotes the founder of the Kingdom.
War War allows you kingdom to battle players from rival kingdoms. A guild war lasts 24 hours. This screen will show the match-ups for the current guild war.
Options Under options you can either leave the Kingdom or destroy the Kingdom(only if you created it).

Kingdom Wars

Starting a War

In the "War" section you will be prompted to long press to begin a new Kingdom War. Each war costs clan gold. If you are involved in a war, you cannot start a new one. It seems that anyone within the kingdom can start a war. A War lasts 24 hours.


Once you start the war, you will need to wait a while for matchmaking to happen. Once the rival Kingdom is selected, the War begins. Each player in the kingdom is matched up with some one from the rival kingdom. Each player is gets one battle against the other kingdom's player controlled by the AI. For example, Kingdom Soldier A fights Kingdom Soldier B. A will fight B(AI controlled), but B will also fight A(also AI controlled).Quite often both players will win their battle, making both of them victorious. The battle is exactly the same as the battle for dukedom control or an arena battle.

Winning the War

Whichever Kingdom has the most total wins, will win the War. If the Kingdoms have the same number of wins then the match ends in a stalemate. A win will give your kingdom gold, orn, and a victory. A stalemate brings nothing. Once the War is won, you can immediately start a new War.

If all the members of both Kingdoms finish their battles BEFORE the 24 hours has expired, then the War will end. This means having active members in BOTH Kingdoms is beneficial.


Matchmaking put two kingdoms together that are within 1000 power of each other. When both kingdoms are searching for a battle they will be matched together.

Raids are a chance to fight a powerful boss. Raids are only available in Kingdoms. Raids can be completed by Kingdoms as a whole or by one member of the kingdom. Whoever participates in the raid is given a reward of XP, Orns, Gold, and gear. The more damage done by an individual, the better the reward.

How to start a raid Go under the raid tab in your Kingdom and hold down the raid tab. Only the King and his/her officers can initiate a raid. Raids cost KINGDOM gold and orn, so be careful doing too many raids. Only one raid is allowed to be active at a time. A new raid can be started once the old raid is completed.

Raiding Once a raid is started any member of the kingdom is allowed to enter the raid. Once the member of the player dies, whatever damage he or she has done will reflect when a new player enters. If more than one player enters at the same time, they will not see the damage done by any other players until they die. Once a player dies in a raid, he or she will need to wait 60 minutes before he or she can reenter the raid. Once the raid boss has been defeated, all the players that participated in the raid are given rewards based on the damage they have done.

Raid Bosses Each raid boss is unlocked when a Kingdom reaches a certain level. Levels are reached by winning Kingdom wars. Level 2 is 5 battles won. Level 3 is 10 battles won. As of the writing of this, it is not known how many wars must be one in order to unlock the Level 3 raid. Level: 2 Boss: Starlord (125) Level: 3 Boss: Titan (150) Level: 4 Boss: Balor Elite (175)