A rogue of the Inferno Knights. This fighting class can learn rare fire magic.


Base class: Rogue

Required for: Battle Master

Skill slots: 4

Preferred weapons:

Primary stats: Attack, Dexterity

Learns: Fire magic

Passive skills: Gold Bonus, EXP Step

Skills Learned

Flame Lvl 5, Burn Lvl 20, Firestrike Lvl 25, Poisonstrike Lvl 25, Fire Arrow Lvl 30, Flame II Lvl 30, Ice Arrow Lvl 30, Doublecut Lvl 40, Exploit Lvl 40, Sleep Dart Lvl 45, Stun Dart Lvl 45, Flurry Lvl 50, Meteor Lvl 50, Speed Lvl 50